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  • Do you have a website but are struggling to get visitors?
  • Do your customers use Search Engines to find your products or services?
  • Are your competitors higher than you in Search Engines?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need Search Engine Optimisation!

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the skilled practice of achieving high rankings for your website on Search Engines, therefore, achieving a greater number of visitors and ultimately a higher number of customers.

Many companies think that having a website should automatically equate to being top of the search engines. Unfortunately, it is these businesses that never fulfil the potential of their online offerings.

Why SEO?

The Search Engine Optimisation services are specifically designed to fit around your business, providing a robust Search Engine Optimisation strategy using expert experience and proven techniques to help:

  • Grow your online traffic
  • Improve the quality of your traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Achieve your online goals
  • Strengthen your brand

Unlike many other agencies who offer Search Engine Optimisation, Atelier SEO does not base the success of a project on how many keywords we can get your site to the top of Google. We care about the same things as you do, Conversions.

What Next?

First thing’s first, we would like to talk to you to understand how we can help. We always provide a free SEO review of your website to fully comprehend what (or indeed if any) services are best for you.

Visit our Contact Us page or fill in the form below to start off the conversation.


Free SEO Report Free Pay Per Click Analysis Report

Optimising a website is always a unique proposition, but there are parts that stay the same across the board. A key step is to work with you to help clarify what the major theme and related topics of the site should be. Because we come at it with a fresh pair of eyes and can interpret what search engines see, this can be an enlightening and interesting process.

Once a theme and topics have been defined we’ll review your competitors and the wider search environment to assess how your site compares and make a general assessment of its authority for given themes and topics. We’ll then research and recommend likely keywords.

Rather than merely working on a given wish-list of keywords we’ll be proactive in advising on the best keyword strategy for your site. We select a number of related words and phrases that match theme and topics. These will be used in the site (on-page) to create a coherent environment.

Next, we review the site from all angles, looking at items such as:
Meta tags, titles, page structure, site architecture, content, URLs, internal linking, conversion opportunities, duplication, domain and hosting location, XML site mapping, feed promotion, site reporting and management tools…

These are just some examples; the list is long.

All this research is then used to create a solid, clear and ordered plan explaining web page by web page what needs to be done. It includes how and where to place keywords, sensible technical recommendations, and advice on content. This is delivered to you so that we can go through a Q&A process- we like you to understand what needs to be achieved, and why.

The work can then be carried out on the site, either by us or you, depending on your preference. We’ll always be on hand to advise and guide where needed. Depending on whether you have opted into an ongoing service we’ll then commence the off-page work to promote the site by growing and attracting links.

Full-service SEO to keep you ahead of the rest

Free SEO Report Free Pay Per Click Analysis Report

Atelier SEO Search Engine Marketing

Our approach to search engine marketing always supports individual needs, but at the heart of what we do is a methodical process. It allows us to get and maintain high rankings for useful keywords, and it means that you are kept up to speed on the things that matter. Take a look at our approach to SEO.

Common SEO Questions

Common SEO Questions

  • How can I rank higher than my competitors?
  • When will my site get to number 1?
  • How much more traffic will I get?
  • My sites have just been optimised but my rankings have vanished?

After research and analysis, it may be that the keywords they rank for aren’t ones that would benefit you. We explore multiple keywords and work on a set of ones that are likely to be most effective- for your individual website.

We prefer to be honest at Atelier SEO and never guarantee a site’s rankings, no one can do that. We look at factors such as growth in the number of keywords used to find your site or the balance between organic and other traffic.

Traffic goals are hard and fast and can give real purpose to an SEO campaign. However, it is possible that you could get less traffic- but it will be better qualified, more relevant, and better for your business.

Search engines are untrusting. When they find a site has changed they tend to react by dropping rankings. Once they can see that nothing untoward has happened, rankings for the new keywords and related ones are likely to grow.

Search Engine Optimisation Methodology

Our goal is always to build and grow the authority of your website, and our methods and practices feed that need. We start with a simple question “who is this website for?”

Too many agencies take an approach that SEO is just about moving a website up the rankings, rarely understanding the reason for doing so; targeted traffic, leads and sales.

Atelier SEO takes a systematic approach to search-engine-optimisation working with the client from the very outset to understand their needs and requirements, ensuring that the outcome of the project exceeds all expectations.

Our proven search engine optimisation cycle involves strategically planning, researching, executing and measuring our work to fulfil the goals for our clients.

Utilising various tools and internal processes, Atelier SEO conducts extensive keyword and competitor research to fully understand the industry and the best commercial keywords to optimise a site with.

Analyse and optimise
Search engine optimisation is not just about keywords, it is about structuring your website so that search engines can crawl and read them easily. Atelier SEO will manually examine your website, create full Meta data and report on which headings and content to populate the site with. With an agreement, we will then optimise the site to these standards.

Building search engine authority is extremely important in any SEO campaign, building a strong profile so your website is recognised as a dominant force within your industry. Atelier SEO will help to organically build your website link profile from useful sites such as directories, social media and more.

To ensure that your search engine optimisation project is working correctly for you, an excellent SEO agency will continually monitor your progress and update you with regular reports.

For those of you in Canada, we recommend our friends DizzyWeb Seo Edmonton.