Search Engine Authority for your website

When a website has authority on a subject it is viewed by search engines to be more relevant to a searchers needs. It is visited regularly, gains links from other sites and is mentioned when a certain topic is mentioned. The by-product of this is that it is more likely to be listed higher in the search engines for core keywords and phrases which may not even appear frequently in the site.

Authority cannot just be given to a site, rather it has to be gained. Factors that contribute to gaining authority include:

Domain Age
Typically sites with authority have a domain that has been in existence for some time and has earned trust from the search engines.

Any site which hopes to gain and grow authority needs to provide rich and relevant information to visitors. Content for content’s sake is not the way forward, this has to be information that people refer to, link to and provides people with the answers they need.

To start building authority for your website you need to:

  • Gain useful in-bound links from a number of different sources including:
    • Social Media
    • Press Releases
    • Directories
    • Niche Sites
  • Provide rich, relevant content
  • Focus on one theme and related topics

Atelier SEO will work with you from the start of your SEO project to help you build a website that can grow and grow in authority.

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