Niche Relevance

Let say you have a 2 year old website that sells pet supplies; you have fantastic content, good products, daily search traffic visitors and 100 links going to your site. Sound like this is a website that google would be favourable to give a high rank to…. just one catch…. where are your links coming from?

A few short years ago this wouldn’t have mattered so much. This link count was god and relevance was like the long lost 11th commandment.

Things are different now. Relevance has assumed the thrown. If you have 100 links to you pet site but 98 of the are about volleyball or salsa dancing then you are not going to be rewarded with high ranking. Even if the salsa sites are huge authority sites with 1000’s of people visiting daily. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they will pass some juice, but you would be much better off getting a link from a lower powered site that was selling dog food.

Just a quit hitter to keep you all in the SEO loop.