PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management Services

Driving targeted traffic to a website is one of the biggest challenges an online business can encounter.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing resolves this issue by allowing people to bid on keywords which are entered into search engines, therefore ensuring that their business appears for only the words that they choose.

A successful PPC campaign can help increase business awareness, traffic and most importantly, sales.

Atelier SEO has a number of years experience in managing PPC campaigns for a number of different companies targeting a whole spectrum of industries. Our clients have found that a managed PPC package has helped to:

  • Improve Return on Investment
  • Increase targeted traffic
  • Grow business awareness
  • Reduce unnecessary costs

Set-up Services
We have the experience and expertise to build a completely new PPC campaign, based upon your requirements and our knowledge within your market sector. We will set up appropriate Ad Groups, Ad Text and keywords, whilst adding bid limits to keywords for constraint. As well as this we can utilise time of day, location, country and other demographics within the functional range of the PPC platform used.
PPC Copy-writing
Pay Per Click advertisements have to be written to very stringent guidelines. At Atelier SEO, we are experts at working within these given guidelines to produce focused, tight copy that’s proven to produce results.
Bid Management
To maximise revenue from Pay Per Click marketing, whilst also keeping expenditure down, bid management is essential. As part of our PPC management, we make sure you are getting the best possible placement for the lowest possible cost by using a combination of manual and automated bid management techniques.
Whether you have an e-Commerce site or just an enquiry form, PPC tracking provides you with details of conversions from clicks on your site, due to PPC advertising. Through this, we can assess the effectiveness of your campaign and adjust your campaign suitably.
Pay-Per-Click Reporting
As part of our PPC management, you will be provided with detailed, comprehensive monthly reports so you can see exactly how each keyword is performing in your campaign as well as giving advice on the best way forward with regards to click-through rates and conversion ratios.

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Landing Page Optimisation

When SEO is used to get your site found by the right searcher how can you get the most out of that visit when they arrive? You can do all you can to get people to your site, but if they don’t hang around it’s a wasted effort.

This is where Post-Click Marketing can make a difference.

It is often referred to in Pay-Per-Click Advertising but has an important part to play with every website regardless of how the person arrived.

A good place to start is by asking “what do I want my visitor to do?”- usually it is to buy something, or sign up to something. Getting the right response or action requires that everything that can be done should be done, from making your offering clear and showing people where to go, through to easing the conversion.

Theoretically a visitor can get to a whole range of pages on your website from a search engine, so gearing them to perform makes sense. Depending on your needs, our approach can involve:

  • Specifying and creating dedicated PPC landing pages
  • Setting up correct conversion tracking
  • Advising on layout changes
  • Clarifying calls to action
  • Reviewing data capture requirements
  • Reviewing form fields
  • Using compelling language
  • Advising on usability and the visitor journey
  • Using click heat mapping to track page usage

When these items have been attended to we would expect to see an improvement in the quality and number of conversions on your site.

Click Heat Mapping

Mapping lets you see clearly which page elements are getting the most use, and which aren’t. This can provide some really good insights into how people interact with your site, and how you can tune your site accordingly.

For example, buttons that get “hot” are clearly attractive, but is that always desirable? It might be the case that the “About Us” button is getting the most use compared with a link to a product category or special offer. This could indicate a trust issue with the site. To counter this you could add testimonials to the page, or highlight the organisations you are affiliated with.

This is what a regular navigation bar might look like:

…and this what heat mapping can tell us:

Post-Click Marketing Basics

People don’t like nasty or disappointing surprises, so a site or a page should deliver what it promises after the click. At the very least the link that is clicked should be followed by a page that matches the link. A search result, a paid ad, or a link in an email should describe what the visitor expects. Post-click research suggests that the best converting pages are the simplest and most direct. There is no need to repeat the messaging that lead up to the click, the focus should on making sure that a simple action is required, and what the outcome of that action will be.

Another aspect of post-click could be something as simple as specifying correct ‘phone numbers. If you have the resource a great idea is to use a dedicated ‘phone number on your website. Every call that comes in on that number can then be attributed to a website visit, even though it’s not being tracked in your analytics.