Services: Audit & Analytics

Website Analytics Consulting Services

Getting visitors to your website is paramount, but understanding what they do once they’ve arrived is just as important.

This is where your Analytics package is your best friend.

A good Analytics platform can give you access to a wealth of knowledge including:

  • Full keyword data
  • Detailed visitor information
  • Website conversion tracking
  • A complete understanding of your websites success and failings

Analytics information can sometimes be confusing, and understanding it all can be a challenge. Atelier SEO have plenty experience of studying and dissecting Analytics data so can help you with:


Atelier SEO can help you set up your account from its creation to the installing normal or advanced code on your site, ensuring it runs flawlessly from the outset.


To really understand your analytics data, your account needs to be set up correctly, and tuned to your individual needs. Atelier SEO will gain a full understanding of your business goals and implement your Analytics package to compliment them.


To get the absolute best from your Analytics package, Atelier SEO will set up reporting on your most important metrics, complete an advanced conversion analysis and recommend the best course of action based on our findings.


Atelier SEO can also provide training in Analytics packages. We want you and your team to fully understand the data, and to be able to interpret it to make the best decisions and take the right actions.

If you would like to discuss any analytics services with our team, please, contact us.

SEO Website Audit

Free SEO Report Free Pay Per Click Analysis Report

This an ideal project for someone with their own off-page SEO resource, or where they can manage it themselves. It also serves to show what goes into on-page techniques, and SEO engineering.

It is a one time, on-page package that can be for an entire website, or a selection of key pages. We have designed it purely to create a themed environment and make the website as search engine friendly as possible.

We conduct keyword research and recommend the keywords to be used. We then identify issues and provide explicit SEO advice, including where the keywords should be used for best effect. Here are a sample of the items that are attended to:

  1. A review of the website (and CMS where applicable) to create a list of actionable on-page SEO items. This can include, but is not limited to:
  • Making search-friendly URLs;
  • Providing optimised titles and meta data;
  • H1 Headings;
  • Footer linking;
  • robots.txt configuration;
  • XML sitemapping;
  • Specifying necessary CMS functionality;
  • Specifying plugins for WordPress websites;
  • Specifying custom 404 error pages;
  • Managing duplicate content issues;
  • Advising on the set up of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  1. To implement the on-page SEO instructions we will need admin access to the website. As websites are hosted and managed in different ways we can be flexible with how that is achieved.
  • With full FTP access and privileges we can usually implement everything specified. We prefer to work on an exact copy or development version of your website, rather than a live site;
  • With CMS or WordPress admin access, depending on the available functionality, we will be able to assess what we can and cannot implement. Any items that we cannot attend to will be supplied to you with explicit instructions so that you can implement them.

With some CMS the necessary search friendly functionality is not available. We will be able to identify any issues once we have been granted admin access. If this is the case we will also specify any modifications that need to be made to the CMS to enable our work. With WordPress, we will specify any necessary plugins.